Central Luzon Feedmill Corp.

CENTRAL LUZON FEEDMILL CORP (CLFC) is a Philippine manufacturing company of animal feed products. Comprised of an established team of skilled and competent professionals, it caters to the needs and expectations of our customers and the industry.


The company provides priority in delivering total customer satisfaction and also handles other customer requirements like tolling of animal feed products as per their mandate whenever the need arises.



To become a leading feedmill company in providing high quality products and services to our clients, becoming a model for excellence.



To produce high quality feeds – maximizing our clients’ full potential and growth.

CLFC was established 2014, a Philippine family owned business in the industry of producing animal and aquatic feeds. With more than 10 years of experience in the  agriculture industry we have attained highly specialized team and equipment, built strong relationships with industry leading conglomerates as our partners, and reached the caliber of performance with the top feed millers in the Philippines.


In brief, CLFC emanated from their agricultural heritage in the trading of raw materials and farming, where given its collective knowledge over the years, bring expertise and edge to the industry.

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