Easy Bio Philippines, Inc.

Easy Bio Philippines, Inc. is one of the country’s industry leaders that offers and extends its distribution of its value-added products to different parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Our success is driven by our people and their unwavering commitment to the vision, to be the industry leader in animal health, nutrition and production passionately serving safe feed to healthy food to enrich the lives of the Filipino people. We produce performance proven, safe and healthy feeds; deliver the best value-added solutions possible; and provide the fastest, most accurate and reliable analytical and diagnostic services for the control and prevention of animal diseases and we have the research development facility where products and raw materials are tested.

Our Roots

Established in 2002, Easy Bio Philippines, Inc. was established by Easy Bio System, Inc. of Korea, as part of its global campaign to achieve its vision of a better world through better way. Headed by our president, Dr. Ji Hoon Lee, the company started distributing animal feed additives and supplements manufactured by our parent company, Easy Bio System as well as from other foreign companies like Genebiotech and Pathway International. We then expanded our company to be involved in every facet of the animal industry. In the year 2006, ifeed Philippines and Dodram Farms Philippines was launched. Earlier on, we had toll-milling partnership with manufacturers then progressing to having our own manufacturing plant as part of our goal to continuous expansion. Not later than 2008, Optifarm Solutions Philippines was established, equipped with the state of the art-equipment as well as the advance testing capabilities using the latest technology and equipments for disease diagnostics. In 2012, Easy Bio Philippines, Inc., iFeed Philippines, Dodram Farms Philippines and Optifarm Solutions Philippines has merged into one solid company – – the Easy Bio Philippines, Inc. The merging was seen as the realization of our vision to further affect the industry where we belong.

Our Scope

Logistically, Easy Bio Philippines, Inc. workforce is composed of few employees only. Large distribution channel is utilized by our sales team to distribute products and generate sales all over the country while our marketing team supports retail outlet nationwide.

In terms of feeds production, our manufacturing plant has a production capacity of 130,000 tons per year and has a total of five (5) warehouse facilities in Luzon. Feed additive products were also distributed nationwide to cater independent farm players who owns and operates toll mill.

On top of the aforementioned products, our company is also housing a total of 3,714 sows and 55,000 layers in our farms.

Our Team

Easy Bio Philippines, Inc. is a proactive team of professionals. Our people are our best assets. We believe that it is the moving force behind any successful company. Thus, we have the best people and we have an environment conducive to continuous growth and development. We recognize that the world needs a better world to live in; as such we are committed to lead and serve the livestock industry by providing the best value-added solutions which are biotechnology-based, environment friendly and performance-proven while adhering to the principles of professional growth, good business ethics and sustainable development.

Mission Statement

To passionately serve the animal industry by providing and continuously innovating world class value added solutions for the benefit of the Filipino people

Vision Statement

To be the most trusted and premium Asian brand in animal nutrition diagnostics and production

Core Values



As of February 2018, our total manpower count is 148 (including 3 Korean executives).

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