Foremost Farms, Inc.

The significant growth of Foremost Farms has spawned a seed of growth in agricultural production. It is a leading and constant customer of local agricultural products. The Pinugay Farm and Pantay Farm averages 130,000 heads at any given time. Their combined daily feed intake is approximately 200 tons daily. With these requirements, the company purchases 150 tons of corn per day or more than 50,000 tons per year, giving local corn farmer a sure and dependable market.

The two farms, founded in the middle of sparsely populated and undeveloped areas, has triggered various economic activities that resulted in more job opportunities and definite source of income for its residents, as well as for the people of Rizal.

Barangay Pinugay, for one has evolved into a large community most of whom are dependent to Foremost Farms on employment or income.

To provide backyard hog raisers with quality feeds that will definitely promote efficient feeding, Foremost Farms ventured into commercial feeds production in 1981. At the same time, the company extended technical services to backyard hog raisers educating them on contemporary disease prevention and effective management of hogs.