Hoc Po Feeds Corp.

Hoc Po Feeds Corporation prides itself in not only providing quality products but as well
invaluable services to our customers. Beyond the marketing of feeds, our efforts are equally and
consistently focused on helping them attain success in their aquaculture operations.

Over the years, Hoc Po Feeds Corporation has masterfully crafted various innovative products
that have pioneered the use of technology in aquafeeds in the Philippines and have grown to
become the country’s standard for the industry. Hoc Po has a vast selection of feed types that
will surely meet your farm operation requirements at any given lifecycle.

Our Team

We have a team of dedicated and experienced Technical Sales Representatives (TSR) who are capable of providing technical assistance to our valued customers. Our TSRs are qualified aquaculture/marine science graduates with extensive experience in fish and crustacean farming and have gained vital knowledge of the industry which they can share with our loyal customers.

Mission Statement

From a high-quality product selection that best fits your needs to technical services that will help maximize your efficiency, Hoc Po will be your partner in adapting to the ever-changing world of aquaculture. Our purpose is to be your sustainable solution to aquaculture farming.

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