Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corp.

Corporation wholly owned by Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc. We provide customers with
high quality feeds for aqua, hogs, poultry as well as customized solutions for large farm
accounts. Since we started in 1998, we have grown and diversified to include swine and
layer operations in Tarlac. Our swine and layer farms employ advanced production
systems, with automated feeding and drinking systems. Climate control is achieved in
the barns through tunnel ventilation and evaporative cooling system. Our swine genetic
program and pullet source selection, on the other hand, ensures that we only produce
quality market hogs and layers. Strict biosecurity measures are also in place to protect
animals from bacterial and viral disease exposure. As a total solutions provider, we aim
to become a one-stop-shop that offers quality feeds, technical support, and a growing
range of fresh & quality meats & eggs products. We do this through our four-pillar
Diamond Program which consists of 1) good breeding & genetics, 2) complete healthcare
3) sound management and 4) excellent nutrition & feeding. True to our brand promise
of being Partners for Growth, we advance our business and communities by providing
business solutions and building partnerships for growth.

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