Premium Feeds Corp.

Premium Feeds Corporation (PFC) is a dynamic Philippine-based company producing livestock feed for swine and various poultry species. It started in July 1980 in Malabon City serving the feed requirement of own farms as well as customer farms in nearby areas during its humble beginnings. Now, Premium Feeds is producing more products for swine and various poultry species with current distributions in Luzon and some parts of Visayas.

Our vision is to be the preferred animal feed company in the Philippines by providing high quality products at the most affordable cost. Our mission is to promote and uplift the Philippine livestock industry by developing competent manpower and applying advanced technology for better nutrition.

Through the years, Premium Feeds’ commitment placed a strong emphasis on quality to provide customers the advantage and opportunity to be more profitable. To support our commitment in achieving our vision, Premium Feeds continuously strive to deliver products and services consistent with the best standards that merit total customer satisfaction at optimum cost, a working environment that reflects quality as a way of life for all employees, and opportunities to develop and apply manpower competencies and capabilities.

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