Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures Corp.

VENVI started in the year 1995 with a single shipping corporation that operated and acted as an agent for seagoing vessels.

To sustain the business, the visionary entrepreneur Atty. Hilario P. Valdez, pioneered a chain of businesses with a diversified portfolio of products and services now known as the Venvi Group of Companies.

Armed with a vision of creating a world-class and dynamic conglomerate, Atty. Valdez firmly set the footprints with leadership positions in real estate and development, agro-industrial ventures which includes a state-of-the-art piggery and layer farm facilities, construction, trucking and logistics, water and electric infrastructure development and management, as well as tobacco and cigarette manufacturing business.

VENVI today has become a revolutionary and pioneering organization with strategic partnerships from domestic and international companies and the unified managerial expertise and dedication of its workforce.

The Venvi Group of Companies established its agri-business company, the Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures Corporation on January 10, 2003. It is located in a vast track of land in the municipality of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.

Major Units of Venvi Agro namely:
– Piggery
– Layer Farm
– Feed Mill
– Freddo Meatshop
– Meat Processing and Packing
– Abattoir
– Crops and Landscaping
– Pulp Tray Manufacturing
– Trucking and Motorpool
– Engineering

Mission Statement

Venvi Agro is committed to continuously produce and develop high quality farm and meat products and services through superior customer service, innovation and commitment to ensure sustainable economic growth complying to related regulatory and statutory requirements.

Vision Statement

To be the leading Agro-Industrial company providing innovative and high quality farm and meat products and services in the Philippines and to be globally competitive.