General Milling Corp.

General Milling Corporation (GMC) was registered with
SEC on June 26, 1958 primarily to engage in flour milling. The Company began operations in 1961 after the completion of its first flour mill in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu. In the years that followed, the scope of GMC’s business expanded to other vertically integrated operations: feed milling, maize milling, soybean milling, yeast production and the breeding, raising and processing of poultry and piggery livestock. Realizing the growing demand for consumer goods, the Company further integrated its operations to include the manufacture of various complementary consumer products, such as pasta, instant noodles, snack foods, coffee and the packing of cooking oils. Through all these years, GMC remains resilient notwithstanding the economic difficulties our country has experienced. Businesses were carefully evaluated to meet the challenges. At present, GMC remains focused to its core businesses of flour and bakery products and feed milling.