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For PAFMI inquiries, contact us at:
For PAFMI inquiries, contact us at:
For PAFMI inquiries, contact us at:

Philippine Association of Feed Millers, Inc.

Feed Milling in the Philippines is vitally linked with the production of swine, poultry and other livestock, the large scale raising of which can only be possible with the availability of food-quality feeds in sufficient quantities and reasonable prices, since feeds constitute some 60- 70% of the direct cost of the livestock raising. PAFMI, non-stock, non-profit association was born through the initiatives of its pioneers.


On June 9, 1951, the growth of livestock raising formed an association as the Philippine Animal Feed Manufacturers, Inc. (PAFMI) consisting of six members, namely:

Fil. American now Vitarich Corporation

Araneta Institute of Agriculture (AIA) Feedmills, now RFM Corporation

Superior Feed Mills, Inc. now Virginia, Inc.

Philippine Feedmilling Co, Inc.

Far East Agricultural Supply

Halili Feedmills

On April 24, 1956, Phil. Animal Feeds became Philippine Association of Feed Millers, Inc. (PAFMI) with eleven members. Over the past 7 decades and have now become multi-billion peso enterprises, they have evolved into modern computerized feed plants and now serving not only Luzon but the whole Visayas and Mindanao. From 1990 the eleven members increased to 35 members up to 2021.

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PAFMI Industry




PAFMI Partners


Mission, Vision and Values

PAFMI Mission


To be a partner in the development of strategies for food security of the country. To actively participate in the promulgation of government policies affecting the agricultural industry.

To foster unified sourcing and procurement of quality agricultural inputs for feed milling.

PAFMI Vision


To be a trusted organization composed of full compliant members that promote safe and quality feeds to our stakeholders.

PAFMI Values





Board of Directors and Officers


Edwin C. Mapanao
Unahco, Inc.

Vice President and Head of Ways and Means Committee

Roderick H. Ramirez
CJ Philippines Inc.

Board Secretary

Teodoro C. Deocares
Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corp.

Board Treasurer

Ma. Fatima T. Cipriano
Sunjin Philippines Corporation

Board Auditor and Head of Membership Committee

Alicia G. Danque
Vitarich Corporation

Board Member and Chairman of Import Committee

Christopher Ian C. Tingzon
Hoc Po Feeds Corp.

Board Member

Romuel W. Tan
Universal Robina Corporation

Board Member

Philip D. Ocampo
Easy Bio Philippines, Inc.

Board Member

Dr. Norman C. Ramos
Philippine Foremost Milling Corp.

Board Member

Dr. Eugene P. Mende
San Miguel Foods, Inc.

Board Member

Charlie Hsieh
Thick & Thin Agri-Products, Inc.

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