Santeh Feeds Corporation

SANTEH is a feed manufacturer in the Philippines. We are the creator of innovative and specialized feeds under the Tateh Aquafeeds brand.

With the ultimate goal of uplifting the lives of the Filipino farmers through a sustainable aquaculture industry, we strongly believe that we should constantly be on the lookout for new technology in order to always surpass our own achievements. This is the only way to deliver the best value to our most valued partners, our customers.

We are dedicated to supplying high-yielding feeds for aquaculture through the strict adherence to international standards, good manufacturing practices, and innovative product research.

The company commits to the highest standards of quality and excellence. The continued support and the accolades it has received continually inspires us to provide world-class products and services to our partners.


SANTEH has been in the aquaculture business for almost two decades. We ventured into aquaculture in 1990 with the manufacture of TATEH palletized feeds from the first Lawang Bato production facilities in Valenzuela. We have since 2001.moved on to the present state-of-the-art plant in Calumpit, Bulacan This plant covers an area of four hectares and is equipped with the most advanced extruders and pelletizers.

Continuous development has made Santeh a leader in the market, from the original Tateh pelletized prawn feeds, we have since diversified our product line to include a complete range of high-yielding aqua feed products for various fish and crustacean species. In 1993, our pellets became successful and paved the way for the production of tilapia and bangus feeds. This soon expanded to include floating fish feeds and later feeds for high value marine fish such as grouper and sea bass.


Our vision is to be the foremost aqua feed manufacturer in the Philippines that will be on par and competitive with the best that the Asian region can offer. As such we see ourselves as the industry leader in the provision of cost effective and environmentally friendly aqua feeds to our fish farmers. We want to see our partner fish farmers improve their profit margins in a sustainable manner. This is our vision and this is our commitment.

Scope of Operation

SANTEH carries the seal of excellence throughout the country by delivering the same quality feeds through our network of branches and dealer partners. By sponsoring local contests on a regular basis, the company encourages fish farmers around the country to increase their production.

Santeh endeavors to spread this trademark of excellence throughout its numerous activities and partnerships, which have included the very first “Fish for Every Filipino Awards” in 1997 (in cooperation with the Marine Technology Foundation), the Interschool Lapu-Lapu competitions, and the FISHTA Awards which was actively initiated and participated in different provinces.


SANTEH Feeds Corporation commits itself to the highest standards of excellence. This was achieved through compliance audits that are conducted periodically to monitor adherence to strict quality standards, good manufacturing practices and ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction in the industry.

In the year 1997, SANTEH topped the aqua feed industry by becoming the first and only aquafeed manufacturing company in the Philippines certified by ISO 9002:1994. Not one to rest on its laurels, SANTEH raised the bar of standards to the next level, thus paving the way to other milestones in its existence.

In May 8, 2002, Santeh adapted ISO 9001:2000 standard in its operation, a standard that gives more emphasis to customer satisfaction. SANTEH was also the first aqua feedmill to be certified to ISO 14001 for environmental responsibility and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety compliance; extending its commitment beyond product quality and safety – going further to environmental and occupational health and safety.

This was the result of its stringent adherence to internationally accepted standards in the following practices:

(1) selection and use of materials,
(2) processing,
(3) conservation of resources,
(4) product development, and
(5) waste management.

Through its efforts, Santeh has set the set the standard for aquaculture feed manufacturing, making it the industry leader.

Asian FeedMiller Award

Santeh Feeds Corporation, was named the Asian Feed Miller of the Year last 2012 by ADDCON (a German based specialist in Green Chemistry) in cooperation with Asian Feed Magazine. The awarding was made at the Victam Asia 2010 exhibition which was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 3 – 5 March of this year. Ms. Gundelina Chua, AVP for Systems and Quality received the trophy and certificate of award on behalf of the company. The award is given every year to the most innovative feed company in Asia. Judging is made by a jury based on four criteria: Industry leadership, Use of technology, Quality and safety, and Logistics.

Santeh was able to demonstrate industry leadership through its track record which comes not only in terms of innovative products and diversity of species served but also its nationwide reach within the Philippines with its network of dealers.

What Sets Us Apart

Our numerous years of experience in aquaculture research and development have advanced our knowledge in fish and crustacean breeding, growth and nutrition. This extensive database has improved our capability to continuously improve the formulation of our various feeds to serve each sector of the aquaculture industry. This knowledge is also used in designing a production process that produces the optimal pellet form for each type of culture method.

Technological Enhancements

Today, we manufacture aquaculture feeds with the highest nutritional standards not only for traditional fish species like Tilapia, Milkfish (Bangus) and Shrimp but also for the production of high value marine fish (Grouper, Pampano, Seabass and Snapper), crustaceans (mangrove crabs and giant river prawn) as well as for freshwater fish (Koi, Carp and Catfish). Each of our products is formulated with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the different developmental stages of fish growth from fry to juvenile to adult.

We are the first to introduce high-protein and high-energy feeds with balanced amino acids that conform and exceed standards set by the Bureau of Animal Industry. The feeds we produce ensure maximum growth, better body maintenance, and resistance to diseases and environmental stress.

Our early stage formulation for hatcheries and nurseries is also acclaimed as the best in the market. Our line of breeder feeds and fry boosters ensures the farmers of healthy seeds and improved survival.

Extensive Research

Santeh not only delivers the best quality products in the market but we also hone optimal farming protocols under different culture conditions whether marine, brackish or freshwater. This information is disseminated through our technical bulletins and on-site farm seminars throughout the archipelago. In this way, we help fish farmers in the country especially the small-scale ones located in remote provinces, to achieve higher, more profitable yields.

Breeding – Key to Profitable Aquaculture

Santeh believes that the key to successful aquaculture is in the availability of superior seeds and diversified breeds. Through collaboration with the University of the Philippines in the Visayas (UPV), Mindanao State University at Naawan (MSU-N) and Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC-AQD), we have promoted the development of hatchery and nursery technology for various marine fish species such as grouper, seabass, snapper, pompano and crustaceans such as crabs. The Mabayo Nursery site cultures marine fish larvae to fingerlings with both natural and artificial feeds.

In the development of a superior tilapia breed, Santeh has invested with Genomar of Norway in Genomar Supreme Philippines. This project has bred the tilapia now widely used in many countries for the reliable growing of fillet size tilapia.

Fish Marketing – Farm to Market

With the organization of the Fishta Seafood Division, Santeh is now able to promote various new fish species to the delight of consumers. From the delicious Pompano to the healthy Bangus and Seabass, Fishta Seafood handles the harvesting direct from the farm and brings our produce to major fish markets in Manila. We also provide hotels, restaurants and supermarkets with consistent quality products grown in our own farms.

In 2004, Fishta Seafood pioneered the display of live Pompano in aquarium tanks in major supermarket chains and seafood markets.

Fishta is now a major supplier even to quality processors and caterers for fresh seafood needs.

Our Products

Our products have the highest quality available in the market today. These products are developed through the years of research, field tests, and farming experience. Each product is formulated with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We offer feeds for different developmental stages of fish from fries, juvenile, and adult to ensure maximum growth, better body maintenance, and resistance to pathogenic diseases and environmental stresses. We produce floaters, sinker pellets, crumbles, and mash for the complete range of fish and crustaceans including: Tilapia, Milkfish, Crab, Tiger Shrimp, Vannamei, Grouper, Seabass, Pompano, Rabbitfish

Our Team

SANTEH is proud to have a team of highly qualified and motivated individuals who are dedicated to one essential factor in a company’s success - QUALITY. Each team member is fully aware that “QUALITY STARTS WITH ME”. The company encourages a culture of Honesty, Efficiency, Aptitude, Result Orientation and Teamwork. Thus each year, outstanding performers are recognized with the HEART Award. We value the importance of the people we work with—our employees, business partners, and customers. We regularly and closely coordinate with government institutions tasked to promote the development of a sustainable aquaculture industry. The company provides continuous training to its technical representatives who in return give technical assistance to fish farmers. It also gives educational grants in Fisheries at various universities and colleges like the Central Luzon State University and UP Visayas. Moreover, we also support numerous training programs, seminars, dialogues, research and publication of technical bulletins that help disseminate information about the latest technological advancements in aquaculture like the “Fishery School on the Air”, which tackles individual species such as tilapia, bangus, sea bass, and pompano.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be the foremost aqua feed manufacturer in the Philippines that will be on par and competitive with the best that the Asian region can offer. As such we see ourselves as the industry leader in the provision of cost effective and environmentally friendly aqua feeds to our fish farmers. We want to see our partner fish farmers improve their profit margins in a sustainable manner. This is our vision and this is our commitment.

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