Supra Feeds Ent., Inc.

Supra Feeds Enterprises, Inc. is a 100% Filipino Corporation manufacturer of swine and poultry feeds based in the Province of Albay, Bicol Region. It is duly registered to the Security and Exchange Commission, ISO95-000043, dated May 24, 1995 and to the Board of Investments on April 22, 1997.



Mission Statement

To help strengthen and stabilize the feedmill industry by consistently producing quality made products and providing excellent services towards full customer satisfaction. Likewise, contribute to the upliftment of the quality of life of Supra employees, dealers, distributors and extend the same to as many communities we can reach.

Vision Statement

To continuously elevate Supra Feeds to the highest standards possible and be able to completely compete not only locally but also nationwide and globally and in the process, be able to empower our employees, distributors and customers towards realization of collective goals and objectives.

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