Unahco, Inc.

UNAHCO, Inc. (Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company) is the animal health and nutrition subsidiary of United Laboratories, Inc., the leading pharmaceutical company in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.  For almost 55 years now, UNAHCO has been serving the Filipino animal raisers by providing them with quality animal feeds and vet products. UNAHCO manufactures, markets and distributes veterinary and feed products for swine, poultry, gamefowl, ducks, pigeons, quail, dogs and cats.  It has also recently ventured into the distribution of fertilizers and crop protection products to help crop farmers protect and optimize their yield.

Brief History

UNAHCO traces its origin to Univet Agricultural Products, a small veterinary department established by the Stockholders of United Laboratories, Inc. led by Jose Y. Campos on October 16, 1966.  The name UNIVET was coined from UNIted VETerinary.  Univet’s noble mission then was to provide animal raisers with quality and affordable veterinary products to help feed the growing population.  Because of their superior quality, efficacy and affordability, Univet products such as Vetracin, Jectran, Bexan and Latigo have become bywords in the animal industry.  These products have established loyal users through the years and to this day, have remained trusted brands among animal raisers, veterinary practitioners and endorsers.

Through competent management and hard work put in by seasoned Univet Warriors, Univet grew and gave birth to a new division in 1986 called Sarimanok Feeds Company, Inc.  which manufactured and distributed swine and poultry feeds.   In 1992, SFCI expanded its operations to include the manufacture and distribution of gamefowl feeds under the Thunderbird line.

In 2007, Univet, Sarimanok and Thunderbird were harmonized under one holding company, now known as   UNAHCO, INC.  Through its 54 years of continuous and dedicated service, UNAHCO has earned the trust of Filipino animal raisers and now takes pride in its reputable name as one of the esteemed leaders in the animal health and nutrition industry.  UNAHCO remains steadfast in its commitment to help uplift the animal industry through continuous research and product development efforts to come up with new and innovative products that will help animal raisers and crop farmers run cost efficient and profitable business operations through its different business units.

Currently, UNAHCO has 10 business units that cater to specific animal species and target markets namely: UNIVET (veterinary products, disinfectants), PIGROLAC (swine), THUNDERBIRD/GMP (gamefowl), SARIMANOK (broilers, layers, ducks, quail), UNAHCO CFG (commercial farms),   Doggiessentials  (YumYum Dog Food, vitamins, electrolytes and pet care products), WING MASTER (pigeons),  UNAGRO (organic fertilizers, crop protection products),  UAD or United Agrivet Distribution (Distribution Arm) and UNAHCO International (export business).

UNAHCO Business Units


Univet manufactures and distributes a wide array of veterinary products for swine, poultry (broilers, layers, ducks, quail), gamefowl, pigeons, dogs and cats which includes antibiotics, iron dextran, B-complex vitamins, dewormers, electrolytes, disinfectants, etc.

Vetracin, Jectran, Latigo, Bexan, Bacterid, Electrogen, Microban, Major D, are some of the trusted brands which have become a regular part of every successful animal raiser’s farm regimen.


Pigrolac which started out as a brand of swine feeds has evolved into a complete line of specialty feeds that cater to different life stages of swine.  Through the testimonials of the growing number of satisfied and loyal users, Early Wean, Pigrolac Premium and MamaPro have become synonymous to quality swine feeds. Through UNAHCO’s extensive distribution network and marketing savvy, Pigrolac has penetrated and dominated the feed market with special concentration in the areas of North and Central Luzon, STAG and Negros.  Pigrolac continues to conquer and dominate more areas as we win more dealers into our fold and increase our base of loyal users and endorsers.


Thunderbird is the undisputed Number 1 Gamefowl feeds brand in the market today.  For more than 28 years now, it has been the trusted brand of premiere gamefowl breeders and raisers. Thunderbird carries a scientifically-formulated line of feeds for the different gamefowl life stages.  Among the best-selling Thunderbird Feeds are THB Enertone, THB Platinum, THB Baby Stag Booster, THB Stag Developer, THB Stag Developer 4+ and THB Successor. True to its quality and performance, Thunderbird is also exported to the international market.

Thunderbird also has a wide-array of veterinary medicines classified as Thunderbird Supplements and Medications. THB Supplements is composed of high-performing products for gamefowl raiser’s conditioning needs. Most popular brands include Bexan XP injectable, Electrogen D+, Red Cell and others. THB Medication completes the portfolio of antibiotics and dewormers which makes gamefowl healthy and disease free. Most notable medication brands include Vetracin Gold Capsule, Baxidil Lines, Romoxtyl, Avitron and Strongard.


GMP Feeds are specially formulated to provide the essential nutritional needs of gamefowl, from breeding to the maintenance stage.

GMP 3 was first launched in the market in 2005 specifically for the maintenance stage and due to the positive response of the market, UNAHCO launched GMP 1 for brooding and GMP 2 for ranging.  In 2007, UNAHCO launched GMP 4 Breeder Pellets.

With the help of our partner, Alltech, GMP now has Actiplus Technology.  This innovation science provides specific nutritional benefits to the gamefowl at different stages, making them even healthier and more vibrant.


SARIMANOK Poultry Feeds carries an extensive line of feeds for broilers, layers, free range chicken, ducks and quail.  These feeds are fortified with Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN) that provides complete and balanced nutrition that ensures faster growth, improved laying efficiency and better meat quality.

Because of its excellent quality, SARIMANOK Poultry Feeds—namely Sarimanok Broiler Feeds, Sarimanok Layer Feeds, Sarimanok Duck Layer Feeds, Sarimanok Sunshine Quail Feeds, MUCHO Poultry Feeds, and the Sarimanok Precision Broiler & Layer Feeds for commercial farm accounts- are now gaining loyal users nationwide.

UNAHCO CFG (Commercial Farm Group)

The UNAHCO CFG (Commercial Farm Group), an elite  team of young professionals with extensive product knowledge and technical training, covers commercial swine and poultry farms to present the many benefits and advantages of the Farm Science products that they carry which include the Farm Shield biosecurity range (Endosan, Mistral, AddCon XF SuperFine, Activate DA & WDMax), Immunobuild range (OxCBeta, Algimun CT, OregoStim Multi powder & liquid, Immunolyte, Aleta), Nutritional range (Uniferon, Sure Value B complex/liver extract, PrimeStart, Poltrex, Univite, customized hog and poultry mineral and vitamin premixes), Anti-microbial range (Vetracin Gold Premix,  Quinomax Premix, UNAHCO CSP 500, Sure Value dimetridazole-colistin, Sure Value doxycycline-tiamulin OSP, Sure Value apramycin OSP, Valotyl) and Macros range (CJ Bio Lysine, Novus’ MHA).


UNAHCO has also ventured into the pet food, pet vitamins, electrolytes and pet care business under  the business unit Doggiessentials.   Yum Yum, is a 100% nutritionally-balanced dog food for small breed and high-energy dogs (Hi Protein) and dogs 12 months and older (Adult).  Dextrolyte is a complete electrolyte oral supplement that rehydrates, replenishes, and reenergizes sick or highly-active dogs.  Bubble Bath is a pH-balanced shampoo with 3 variants Soft and Shiny, Nourish and Protect, Lite Medicated; and Scrubby Deep Clean Dog Soap which deeply cleanses and protects your dog’s body.


WingMaster is UNAHCO’s newest business unit that manufactures and distributes pigeon feeds and medicines.  WingMaster provides fanciers with a complete portfolio of pigeon products aimed to provide racing pigeons with the nutrition they need to achieve optimum performance. WingMaster Grain + Pellets is the division’s banner brand of feeds which is the first ever life-stage specific, ready mix for pigeons. WingMaster also distributes other international industry leader brands such as Versele Laga pigeon supplements, and Oregostim Avian-Complete.


UNAHCO has also diversified into agronomy with the creation of UNAGRO, which stands for UNAHCO Agronomy. UNAGRO markets and distributes agricultural products such as herbicide, molluscicide,  fungicide and insecticide which help protect crops and optimize yield.

Among the top UNAGRO products are HERBICIDE: Field General (Glyphosate), Battlefield (2,4-D Amine and Ester), Vigilante (Bispyribac Sodium); MOLLUSCICIDE: Snail Bomb (Niclosamide), Exploder (Metaldehyde);  INSECTICIDE: Xyperior (Cypermethrin), Tactica (Abamectin), Gunner (Cartap + Hydrochloride); and FUNGICIDE: Marksman (Mancozeb) and Supremacy (Difenconazole+Propiconazole).


UNAHCO has established a reputable name as a dynamic, progressive and highly-dependable company in the animal industry making it the preferred partner of local and foreign veterinary and agri-related companies who would like to market and distribute their products in the Philippines.

United Agrivet Distribution (UAD) was established in 2010, specifically to cater to companies who would like to enter into a distribution partnership with UNAHCO.

UAD is backed up by UNAHCO’s more than 54 years of comprehensive and seasoned experience, good corporate image, marketing savvy, huge warehousing and storage facilities strategically located around the Philippines, extensive distribution network and a great deal of goodwill earned from years of nurturing a harmonious and mutually-beneficial relationship with various stakeholders in the livestock industry.

UNAHCO takes pride in having an extensive distribution network which covers a wide base of agri distributors, dealers, sub-dealers and farm accounts.  All field personnel are supported and equipped with the latest technology and CRM programs for faster and efficient communication, account coverage, order tracking, feedback mechanism and delivery.

Currently, UAD is in partnership with several established and globally-renowned animal and crop production companies for the marketing and distribution of quality, safe and cost-efficient agri products for the benefit of the Filipino farmers.


UNAHCO is raring to bring its products to more countries abroad. Presently, we export selected Thunderbird, Pigrolac, Sarimanok feeds and vet products to Asian countries namely Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Micronesia, Saipan,  Palau, East Timor, Guam and Hawaii.  Through UNAHCO International’s business development efforts, UNAHCO brands will soon be marketed in Indonesia, Mexico and other parts of the globe.

Alliances with global leaders in animal health and nutrition

UNAHCO at 54 is relentless in its pursuit for product innovation and new technology.  UNAHCO has formed alliances with global leaders in the field of animal health and nutrition such as Cargill, Novus, Alltech, CJ Bio, Trouw Nutrition, DSM, Du Pont, etc. in search of specialty ingredients to enhance existing formulations and develop new products that are of economic value to raisers and farmers.


Supporting our mission to expand operations, we have four company-owned feed manufacturing plants in Bulacan, Pampanga, Bicol, and Cebu, 12 Toll Plants located in strategic areas and one veterinary plant located in Pampanga.  These plants have huge warehouse and storage facilities that can store millions worth of inventory. The strategic location of our plants and warehouses and our extensive distribution network allow efficient delivery of products to the farthest barrios nationwide.

Mission Statement

It is our humble mission to help uplift the agriculture, animal and food industries and the quality of life of all the people who are part of it. More importantly, we are one with the government in its pursuit to ensure food safety, sufficiency and security for the present and future generations.

Vision Statement

It is UNAHCO’s vision to become a leading integrated agribusiness conglomerate in the country. Ricardo C. Alba, President & COO of UNAHCO shares UNAHCO’s plan to expand and diversify operations from seed to food and explore other veterinary, agriculture and food related industries.