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Romarcom’s Market Update



  • There is a delayed wheat harvest in Australia due to rainfall in the last few weeks. The NSW and QSL experienced huge
    rains, while WA remains unscathed.
  • WA’s AH numbers are below average, but it is too early to generalize the quality of the wheat harvest.
  • There may be a minor quality impact, unless there will be continued rain events in Australian wheat growing states.
  • Prices remains firm due to high consumption growth for wheat, soaring high demand of China, North Africa, and Middle
    East (Iran/Turkey) due to dry weather.
  • Australian wheat remains to be the most competitive origin as it lacks competition with Russia due to lower crop
    production and export restrictions.
  • Futures market has been supportive on the FOB prices due to global tight supplies.


  • The northern areas of Myanmar, particularly in the Shan State, is expected to harvest bulk of the main crop by end of
    this month.
  • Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh’s demand for corn is coming which may drive the prices of Myanmar corn.
  • Corn prices may also be driven by China’s demand when they open their borders and import majority of the corn crop.
  • Price levels in bulk and container shipments are at low 350’s level to Manila/Bataan port, January to February 2022

Soybeans/Soybean Meal

  • Tight supply of Argentinian soybeans may have been one reason for soybean meal’s extreme price jumps in the last few
  • The soybeans and soybean meal futures have been boosted by the heightened demand for high-protein feed ingredients
    in the last few days.
  • China’s demand for soybeans/ soybean meal will be a bullish factor on the prices depending on when and how much
    they will buy.

Container Freight

  • There is still a surge in demand for empty containers, combined with bottlenecks and congestions across global supply
  • The U.S. continues to experience an unprecedented supply chain squeeze, contributing to a shortage of empty containers
    and chassis, longer transit times, and tighter trucking capacity.
  • Sailing time of container shipments to Philippine ports is taking more than two months as transshipment ports remains
    heavily congested.

Bulk Freight

  • Freights for dry bulk market is on a steep slowdown due to China’s easing raw material demand for Q4 and slowing purchases of coal and iron ore.

Brent crude oil

  • Both international benchmark Brent crude and U.S. crude prices have spiked above $80 in recent weeks as post-pandemic
    demand outstrips supply.
  • Surging natural gas prices have also caused crises around the world.


  • The upbeat in US retail sales and industrial production data caused the peso to weaken last Wednesday.
  • The cautious sentiment ahead of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) Monetary Board’s policy rate decision
    could cause the peso to depreciate.
  • Bloomberg’s consensus for PHP/USD is at 50.85 in 2021, 50.50 in 2022, and 50.60 in 2023
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